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About Me

Hello, my name is Sylvette and I am a photographer and a henna artist working in Cologne, NRW, Germany.

As a photographer, my specialisation is portrait photography. I’ve got a photostudio in Cologne, Nippes, but I also gladly travel for photoshoots and photograph outdoors or at other locations. I photograph individual portraits, couples, families, create business portraits and photography content for bloggers and professionals who take care of their online presence.

In addition, my unique offer is a combination of portrait photography and  body art. I create natural long-lasting body art that will stay on skin for up to two weeks and photograph people with it! It is a unique and beautiful mix. Especially I love maternity henna on pregnant bellies, full-body lingerie designs, maori-inspired sleeves for men and close-up portraits with intricate hand designs.

I have been creating henna body art since 2014. Henna art is a great passion of mine. This passion makes me strive for deepening my knowledge and constantly improving my skills, that’s why I attended numerous henna workshops and conferences. I am also part of the German community of henna artists and live up to our high standards: I only use 100% natural materials for the long lasting body art, know the history and traditions of henna and create high-quality designs. Concerning the style, I can create both traditional and traditional-inspired henna patterns, as well as very modern designs and tattoo imitations. 

Other than that, I have a Master’s degree in computational linguistics and am also active in this field. I speak  Ukrainian, English, German, French and Russian. My hobbies are yoga and fire show.

Contact details

To book a photoshoot, a bodyart session or both please contact me in the most convenient for you way. 

Don’t hesitate to write or call if you have any questions!

Tel./WhatsApp: +491−575−11−64−828


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